What are the ingredients of home? What is a serving of care? What is the taste of survival? These questions frame the corse, Studio in-Situ: Recipes for Peace, co-taught with Mohammed Saif Qureshi, at MaD Asia, in November 2016. This course focused on how we can cook across borders for understanding and peace. Sita and Mohammed prompted ideas about the power food has amidst world conflicts, how food can prompt space for difficult conversations, and how the meaning of a dish can be a bridge to understanding. During their six weeks together the class visited the Chungking Mansions, listened to refugees and asylum seekers, and reflected on Hong Kong’s food system. The accumulation of dishes learned and stories told concluded with “A Menu for Peace.”

Make a Difference Institute is a collaborative platform based in Hong Kong that empowers young adults to create positive personal, economic, social and environmental change through creative practices and problem solving. MaD’s long term goal “is to build a creative civil society.” MaD Institute has been providing courses that focus on education reform, community building, food diversity and more, since it was founded in 2009.