The Curry Institute

In January 2011 I was invited to install The Curry Institute at the Sheehan Gallery at Whitman College as part of an exhibition curated by Jan Bernabe. Techniques: Contemporary Asian American Time-Based Art features the wonderful work of Kat Larsonand Gina Osterloh

Upon entering the gallery, visitors are greeted with the scent of curry. In the Institute, curry is used as material, scent, geography, and cultural marker.

The gallery remained open to the public during the installation. I engaged in conversation the Whitman community as they lent a helping hand. There were even curried cupcakes for the opening. 

Special thanks to Dawn Forbes and Kynde Kiefel of the Sheehan Gallery and the students at Whitman College for their help in producing the installation.

Curry Cartography
Behr house paint UL 160-1 Curry Powder, stickers
Site-specific installation

Sweet, Sour,Salty, Bitter, Curry
Scent in glass jars
Site-specific installation

Curry powder on wall
Site-specific installation

Eau de toilette
.5 oz